Module: alsdev

atomic_input_dialog/[2,3,4] — input atoms and numbers


atomic_input_dialog(Msg, Input)

atomic_input_dialog(Msg, Title, Input)

atomic_input_dialog(Interp, Msg, Title, Input)


These predicates present the user with popup dialogs requesting input of text(as atoms) or numbers. The shorter versions are defined by :

atomic_input_dialog(Msg, Input)
    atomic_input_dialog(Msg, 'Input', Input) .

atomic_input_dialog(Msg, Title, Input)
    atomic_input_dialog(tcli, Msg, Title, Input) .

For the general call

atomic_input_dialog(Interp, Msg, Title, Input),

Interp, Msg, and Title should all be atoms, while Input should be an uninstantiated variable.


The call

?- atomic_input_dialog('Please input something:', Input).

will popup the following window :

If the user types

Logic is wonderful

then the result would be

Atom = Logic is wonderful


The default Tcl interpreter for atomic_input_dialog/[2,3,4] is tcli as shown above. This interpreter is _NOT_ automatically initialized by alsdev. You must first run init_tk_alslib/0 or init_tk_alslib/1, or run init_tk_alslib/2 with Interp = tcli. If you wish to run atomic_input_dialog/4 with Interp bound to a Tcl interpreter I other than tcli, you must first run init_tk_alslib/2 with Interp bound to this same I (only once is necessary).