Module: alsdev

create_image/[2,3] — create an image from a GIF file
display_image/[1,3] — display an image


create_image(ImagePath, ImageName)

create_image(Interp, ImagePath, ImageName)


display_image(Interp, ImageName, Options)


These routines provide simple access from ALS Prolog to the image routines of Tk. The current versions support GIF images, but the routines can be extended to any of the types Tk supports. To display images, one must specify a path to the image file, and must first produce an internal Tk form of the image. This is done with :

create_image(ImagePath, ImageName)
     create_image(tcli, ImagePath, ImageName).

Assume that


is a file in the current directory. Then the call

     ?- create_image('pow_wow_dance.gif', pow_wow).

will create the internal form of this image and associate the name pow_wow with it.

Display of images which have been created is accomplished with :

     display_image(tcli, ImageName, [ ]).

Thus, the call

? -display_image(pow_wow).


For the goal display_image(tcli, ImageName, Options), Options is a list equations describing properties of the image. The supported properties and their defaults are:

width=Width, default = 200),
height=Height, default = 200,
x=X, default = 75,
y=Y, default = 75,
border_width=BorderWidth, default = 2


The default Tcl interpreter for create_image/3 and display_image/3 is tcli as shown above. This interpreter is _NOT_ automatically initialized by alsdev. You must first run init_tk_alslib/0 or init_tk_alslib/1, or run init_tk_alslib/2 with Interp = tcli. If you wish to run create_image/3 or display_image/3 with Interp bound to a Tcl interpreter I other than tcli, you must first run init_tk_alslib/2 with Interp bound to this same I (only once is necessary).