Module: alsdev

tcl_call/3 — execute Tcl script
tcl_eval/3 — evaluate Tcl script


tcl_call(+ Interpreter, + Script, ? Result)
tcl_eval(+ Interpreter, + ArgList, ? Result)


tcl_call/3 and tcl_eval/3 both execute a script using the Tcl interpreter and return the Tcl result in Result. Tcl_call passes the Script argument as a single argument toTcl’s eval command. Tcl_eval passes the elements of ArgList as arguments to Tcl’s eval command, which concatenates the arguments before evaluating them.

Tcl_call’s script can take the following forms:

List - The list is converted to a Tcl list and evaluated by the Tcl interpreter. The list may contain, atoms, numbers and lists.

Atom - The atom is converted to a string and evaluated by the Tcl interpreter.

Tcl_eval’s ArgList may contain atoms, numbers or lists.


?- tcl_call(i, [puts, abc], R).
R = ''
%% Prints 'abc' to standard output, and binds R to ''.

?- tcl_call(i, [set, x, 3.4], R).
R = 3.4
%% Sets the Tcl variable x to 3.4 and binds R to 3.4.

?- tcl_call(i, 'set x', R).
R = 3.4
%% Binds R to 3.4.

?- tcl_eval(i, ['if [file exists ', Name, '] puts file-found'], R).


Interpreter is not an atom.

Script is not an atom or list.

Script generates a Tcl error.